Planing Your Project

The Ordering Process of your future Furniture or Kitchen

When you come to order your new Kitchen or Furniture we’ll guide you through this process, unless you already know your needs.


The Process:

When we are consulting with a client we’d like to ask a few questions.

1. From what kind of wood material would they like their product to be manufactured?

2. What kind of Layout is their Kitchen?

3. Where will the furniture be placed?

4. Are there any extra accessories they’d like to be added from our “Hardware” page?

5. What is their anticipated budget?


Additionally we like to listen carefully to our clients, and we are open to all of their questions and concerns about their furniture or woodworking project.

After we’ve discussed their ideas and needs, then we do a sketch of a project for the customer and ask if this is what they had in mind. We make corrections to the sketch if the costumer had requested, and after the sketch had been approved, we give the client a final price for the project. We prefer to keep all of the sketches for our reference, but we can always make a copy of the sketches for our client.