Kitchen Cabinets Delivery

Delivery Service can be selected after you order your kitchen. It requires additional fee.

Prepare your job site or house for your delivery

Once your cabinets have been ordered it’s important to prepare for your delivery. Make room in your garage where cabinets can be placed, without of getting scratched or hit. Living room or Dining room works well too, it is actually a better choice in favor to your cabinet installer.

Standard Order Lead Time

Allow for 7 to 14 days of production. This time may vary if you have a special order.

Limited Access Delivery

Please choose your delivery date after your constructions and building projects that may harm your cabinets are finished. This is for the good of your cabinets and for a faster unload time of your cabinets. Additional fee may be charged if we have to clear our way to unload your order.

Restricted Area Delivery 

Urban areas are not a big problem for us.