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  • Friday 2/07/14 - February 7, 2014

    We are open Today, Friday 2/07/14. Feel free to come and visit us.

  • Google+ - December 4, 2013

    Follow us at Google+

  • Online Payments - August 18, 2013

    You may now make deposits/payments for your orders via PayPal. Paypal will Charge a little fee.

  • Anvil Motion – New Automation in the kitchen - July 27, 2013

    Anvil Motion is the first cabinetry system of its kind in the world. This new technology utilizes cutting-edge, sensatronic technology – something you might expect to see in the Jetsons. But a hands free, motion-controlled kitchen like this is something exclusively for the rich and famous with a price tag[…]

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - July 27, 2013

    Find us online. Follow us on: Facebook Twitter for latest news, designs and projects.

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